Electronics is a stimulating and rewarding subject that combines practical work with theory, so pupils are learning whilst doing. Pupils get a real sense of satisfaction from having ownership of their project work and seeing their projects come to life.

Electronics is relevant to young people; they are growing up with mobile phones and digital television, so studying it as a subject helps them to understand and question the electronic world they live in.

As well as being a stimulating and exciting subject from Years 3-9, there is also the opportunity to continue exploring what Electronics has to offer at GCSE and A-level. It is not just for the more capable students, tasks can be structured to make sure that each ability level is challenged successfully. It is also not just for boys; in the last five years the department has been awarded four ‘Good Schools Guide’ certificates for ‘Best results at GCSE Electronics by Girls’.

Electronics requires pupils to consider individual, moral, ethical, social, cultural and contemporary issues. The mass production of electronic products and the use of electronics in control systems present pupils with a plethora of choice and moral questions. Electronic systems play a large part in attempts by society to co-exist with nature in the long term. We provide opportunities for pupils to develop an understanding of such issues as they relate to the designer, manufacturer or user of electronic devices.

At GCSE the average score has been 94% over the past ten years with seven pupils having been awarded ‘Top 5 result certificates’ in the country. At A-level every pupil for the past 12 years has attained the highest grade possible; with a significant number going on to study at Oxford and Cambridge.



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